An all new astronomy show for GCSE students

The power of family engagement at it’s best: how my daughter became the inspiration for a new planetarium show.

With my youngest daughter having just started her GCSEs, she spent a good part of last year deciding on her options. It was predetermined that she would study Triple Science, giving her a deeper understanding of physics. Having shown an interest in astronomy as a profession, she was happy with the Triple Science option as it seemed the only chance she’d get to study astronomy and space science via standard GCSEs. 

Well this got me thinking, and I realised that there was an opportunity here to create a dedicated planetarium show for GCSE students. Drawing from the topics listed in both GCSE Physics and Astronomy, The GCSE Roadshow is designed to support teachers of these subjects, both in schools and colleges, and in centres for adult learning. To find out more, visit the webpage here.

Screen Shot from the GCSE Roadshow page

Published by Melanie Davies

I love space, and I just can't shut up about it! I'm a Space Science Communicator and founder of Creative Space - a community interest company offering astronomy outreach and public engagement. Our strapline is 'We can get you into space!' and I thoroughly enjoy doing just that with thousands of children and adults every year.

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