We love to share our knowledge of space, so we’ve come up with some fun and engaging astro events for all to enjoy.

a creative space event at stake hall in hastings old town

Are you a closet astronomer, a space science enthusiast, or a complete novice with an interest in astronomy? If you answered “yes”, then our astronomy events will be perfect for you. They are hugely popular amongst astro enthusiasts and complete beginners alike. They’re space-themed and often based on topical astronomical happenings. Our events are suitable for all ages and abilities and are fully inclusive for the less able participant.

We offer public engagement events featuring astronomy talks, drop-in workshops and public observing. We’ve been lucky to receive grant funding for some of our events and most are supported by volunteers from local astronomical societies. In line with our ethos as a Community Interest Company, we like to keep our events free for everyone. Our innovative approach to space science education gives our audiences the benefit of receiving scientific knowhow in a fun and creative way.

Most of our events take place at venues around Hastings, but can be organised anywhere in the UK. Below are some examples of our past events, together with any in the pipeline.

The Solar Eclipse Experience

Public engagement
Friday 20th March 2015, Stade Hall & Open Space, Hastings

A Journey to Saturn

Public engagement
Saturday 23rd May2015 , Stade Hall & Open Space, Hastings

Astrology meets Astronomy

Astronomy talk
Friday 10th July 2015, The Pig in Paradise, Hastings

One Giant Step: the Moon comes to Hastings!

Public engagement
Friday 21st August 2015, Stade Hall & Open Space, Hastings

Eclipse of the Supermoon

Public observing
Sunday 27th September 2015, Linton Gardens, Hastings

Mission to Mars: Fiction vs reality

Astronomy talk
Friday 23rd October 2015, The Pig in Paradise, Hastings

Astronomy Night: Observing in the Park

Public observing
Saturday 31st October 2015, Linton Gardens, Hastings

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