Creative Space and COVID-19

Illustration of coronavirus

With all that’s been going on lately, we’ve had to re-evaluate how we run the business and find a new way of working.

So we’ve come up with a new business model that aims to keep everyone safe. We’ve been successfully using Zoom for face-to-face meetings and webinars. We’ve been able to offer all of our Lectures and Talks via Zoom too. And once all this has blown over, we’ll continue to offer online astronomy talks as an option for astronomy societies located too far away for us to travel to.

We’ve also decided not to use our Mobile Planetarium in the short term, until we feel it’s safe to venture out again. With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to give each other a wide berth, it’s not such a good idea to expect 30 to 40 people to sit very close together in the enclosed environment of a mobile dome! As an alternative, we’re now offering virtual planetarium shows beamed right into classrooms, offering the same live experience and live Q&As.

Our Space Workshops encourage people to work close together in small groups; we’re also not comfortable doing this in the short term. Instead, we’re offering workshops via Zoom or as downloadable Activity Packs.

Sadly, we’ve had to put all of our proposed public engagement projects on hold for the foreseeable future. But we’re hoping to launch a new community project in the coming months that will engage with people in their own homes… more news on this to come.

Hopefully these will all be short-term measures and we’re looking forward to the time when this web page is superfluous!

COVID-19 statement on a desktop computer

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