Star maps

Star Map

This is one of a series of star maps I’ve just produced for a Stargazing Guide. This will be printed at a fairly tiny size, so I had to limit the amount of detail I put into the illustrations. Leaving things out was the hardest part of this job – especially when there are so many varied and interesting deep sky objects in the night sky!

© Melanie Davies 2015

2 thoughts on “Star maps

  1. Very nice chart! I have a several cardboard planispheres marked up with pencil. Awhile back I guided some folks into the bush at night to stargaze and take photos. I suggested they make themselves copies. They declined. When we got out in the bush they brought out their phones and accessed star gazer apps, only to find out the apps didn’t work because we were out of cell service.

    1. Ha! Apps like StarWalk are great if you’re in the city, but as you say, rather useless without reception. And besides, you don’t learn much using a mobile phone. It’s much better to learn from the stars in the sky, with the help of a homemade planisphere or star map of course.

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