This delicious workshop helps establish a sense of scale and distance within the Solar System, while finding out how planets move.


Earth and Jupiter

We all know that our Solar System is huge, but just how big are the giant planets? We use a selection of food – from watermelons to sugar balls – to illustrate the difference in size between the gas giants, rocky planets, and the many Small Solar System Objects.

Ideal for KS1, the Eat the Solar System Workshop will start with a short talk about the Solar System explaining planet sizes and the distances between them. 

We’ll then ask the audience simple questions about planets, moons, asteroids and comets; whoever gets the right answer gets to represent that particular Solar System body. Everyone gets to hold their little bit of space, from Mercury to Pluto. This part of the workshop needs a big space to establish a sense of distance between the planets and their moons… a large hall will do, or even outside if the weather’s good. 

Once everyone’s in position, the venue then transforms into a human orrery! Participants get to learn about orbits and rotation, and what it means to be ‘retrograde’.

After all the spinning and turning, everyone should have worked up an appetite, ready to Eat The Solar System! It’s now time to sit down, munch some fruit, and consolidate learning with a Q&A session. IMPORTANT: Please let us know in advance if any children have food allergies.

Each workshop lasts about 45 minutes and works best with around 30 planet explorers (about an average class size) or less. We need an extra 15 minutes between sessions to tidy up and prep for the next workshop. If you only have one class, why not combine the Eat the Solar System workshop with a planetarium show?




The costs for our Eat the Solar System workshop are:
Half day: £200 (max. 3 workshops)
Full day: £300 (max. 5 workshops)

ADD-ON: reduced costs available if booked with other activities… ask for details
Price includes all materials and specialist equipment.


We travel to the following counties in South East England: East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and parts of Greater London south of the Thames. Travel is charged at 45p per mile from our base in Hastings to your venue and back again. If the journey will take us over 1½ hours, we charge for an overnight stay which costs an extra £45. If our journey includes tolls and ferry charges, these will be added too.


This workshops needs a large hall to accommodate the human orrery (ideally about 20 metres long). We also need provision for a projector and screen (a school hall or village hall will do just fine).


To make a booking, first read our Booking guidelines to make sure we can meet each other’s requirements. And if everything looks good, complete an online Booking form. If you need to talk through any aspects of your booking before filling out the form, call us on 01424 420968 or send us an email.

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