A space-inspired digital workshop embracing astronomy, art and technology.

Space is awesome on so many levels and this workshop taps into its many aspects through a variety of digital mediums. You can pick and choose from the following activities:

Cigar Galaxy1. iPad Messier Tour
Participants learn to use a simple planetarium app whilst also learning about deep sky objects in what’s known as the ‘Messier Catalogue’: 110 amazing astronomy targets including galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. We supply up to five iPads, pre-installed with just the right software, and recommend working in pairs. If you can use your own iPads as well, we’ll let you know which app you’ll need for this activity.

Zooniverse citizen science project2. Citizen Science
Using desktop computers (supplied by the school or host), students go online and take part in a Citizen Science project of their choice. For this we use the Zooniverse platform, with its array of space-based projects including Exoplanet Exploreres, Galaxy Zoo, and Supernova Hunters. With simple online tutorials, the Zooniverse team make it easy for anyone to contribute to real academic research. This activity requires a strong and stable internet connection.

3. VR Space
This is a truly immersive experience, using cardboard headsets and virtual reality space apps on mobile phones. We can supply up to three mobile phones, pre-installed with a selection of VR apps, or share a list of our favourites for participants to download and play themselves. We’ll bring along 10 cardboard headsets. Let us know on the Booking Form whether you’d like a list of apps prior to us coming in. And just for fun, participants will also get to see 3D space images the old-fashioned way, using stereo cards!

Pluto Space Art4. Space Art*
We can bring along a couple of MacBooks loaded with Adobe Creative Suite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) for creating spacetastic digital artwork that can be saved straight to your USB flash drive. This activity is only suited to those with some experience of using creative software such as Photoshop.
*If the Digital Cosmos workshop runs alongside one of our planetarium shows and/or another workshop, we may not have a MacBook spare for this activity. 

This educational workshop is suited to Upper KS2 and above, and lasts up to one hour per workshop. A typical class of around 30 students could be split into 3 or 4 groups, each working on a separate activity and swapping over at timed intervals.

Through technology, science and art, it develops IT skills, numeracy, literacy and creativity. We supply worksheets for all four activities. We’ll supply one or two Creative Space facilitators, but this workshop will run a lot smoother if the school or host can supply a couple of extra helpers.

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Costs for the Digital Cosmos workshop are:
£200 for a half day (up to four workshops/120 participants)
£300 for a full Day (up to six workshops/180 participants)

Ideally, this workshops needs to take place in an IT suite if in school, or a classroom with plenty of powerpoints, like a lab. If neither of these are available, just let us know and we can discuss alternative arrangements. A good WiFi connection is essential. The location also needs to accommodate a projector and screen.

Travel & overnight stay
Travel is free within a 20 mile radius of Hastings, and charged at 45p per mile if you need us to travel further. And if the journey will take us over 2 hours, we may have to charge for an overnight stay which costs an extra £35. If our journey includes tolls and ferry charges, these will be added too.

Once you’ve read and agreed to our Workshop Terms & Conditions, please use the Workshop Booking Form to make your booking. If you need to talk through any aspects of your booking before filling out the form, call us on 01424 420968 or send us an email.


Digital Space Art