Booking FormOur educational and immersive workshops are perfect for schools, make fun additions to club meetings, and are great for parties. 


Solar viewingOur science explorers emit an infectious enthusiasm when surrounded by children and adults alike: their passion for space science is catching. We come to you with everything needed to learn about space.

Our workshops are super flexible – choose from drop-in workshops, multiple workshops throughout a day, or an intensive full day workshop. Our interactive learning experiences are presented with creative props and colourful graphics to help embed the message. 

Ideal for school Space Topics, Science Week, STEM events, science parties and outreach education for home ed groups; our hands-on workshops are ideal to lock-in knowledge, especially with hard-to-explain concepts. 

Creative Space has developed a range of space-themed workshops suitable for all Key Stages, plus the wider public audience. Our workshops relate to a variety of topics and subjects, including astronomy and space, technology, science, and maths. Get in touch to discuss a best fit for your group. The current list includes…