Katherine Barrett

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Trixy for coming along to our group on Saturday. I know that every patient at our group spent time in the planetarium and really loved it, especially those that specifically loved it for its sensory stimulation. Thank you both for being incredibly helpful and professional on the day and for going out of your way for the needs of our patients. I would love to welcome you back to a future group so will be sure to keep in touch.”

Katherine Barrett, Wellbeing Team Co-ordinator, J’s Hospice

Northern Lights

Published by Melanie Davies

I love space, and I just can't shut up about it! I'm a Space Science Communicator and founder of Creative Space - a community interest company offering astronomy outreach and public engagement. Our strapline is 'We can get you into space!' and I thoroughly enjoy doing just that with thousands of children and adults every year.