Online Space Activities

Here you’ll find some spacetastic online activities that we think you’ll love… click through the links to find games, videos, activities and more!

Our online space activities have been chosen with 8 to 14 year-olds in mind. So, you’ll find a mix of awesome videos, interactive online games, citizen science projects and downloadable planetarium software, just to name a few.

These are our favourite websites – all completely free to access and available to everyone. So go ahead… dive in and have some fun with space! Clicking on an image will open a new page or play a video.

ESA Kids

Screenshot of NASA Kids Club web page

NASA Kids’ Club

Screenshot of Space Scoop web page

Space Scoop: News

Screenshot of ESA Posters web page

ESA Posters

Screenshot of ICRAR AstroQuest citizen science web page

ICRAR: AstroQuest citizen science

Screenshot of ICRAR Life and times of galaxies web page

ICRAR: Life and times of galaxies

Screenshot of SKA AR, VR and fun stuff web page

SKA: AR, VR and Fun Stuff

Screenshot of SKA Amazing Facts web page

SKA: Amazing Facts

Screenshot of NASA Science Space Tourism posters web page

NASA Space Tourism Posters

Screenshot of Zooniverse Galaxy Zoo web page

Zooniverse Galaxy Zoo Citizen Science

Screenshot of Stellarium planetarium software web page

Stellarium Planetarium Software

Screenshot of ALMA Kids web page


StoryBots: Outer space

Vsauce: How Earth moves

Crash Course Kids: Space compilation

Kurzgesagt: Strange stars

Screenshot of NASA Hubble Site web page

NASA Hubble Site

Screenshot of NASA Space Place web page

NASA Space Place

Screenshot of NASA StarChild web page

NASA StarChild

Screenshot of National Geographic Solar System web page

National Geographic Solar System

Extraordinary kids fly in zero gravity

ALMA: We Are Stardust

Paxi on the ISS: Recycling air and water

Paxi: Day, night and the seasons

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