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Our educational and immersive Space Workshops are great for schools, make fun additions to science fairs, and are perfect for holiday clubs.

Cartoon rocket ship

Our Space Workshops are super flexible – choose from drop-in workshops, multiple workshops throughout a day, or an intensive full day workshop. Our interactive learning experiences are presented with creative props and colourful graphics to help embed the message.

Man holding a nasa lunar samples disc in the moon rocks workshop

The Moon Rocks!

Ever wondered what it would be like to hold a tiny piece of the Moon? Find out in this awesome Space Workshop.

The Moon Rocks! workshop is based around actual pieces of Moon rock and lunar soil brought to Earth by the Apollo Mission astronauts in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Lunar samples are incredibly rare and are on loan to the UK’s Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) from NASA and borrowed by Creative Space!

This full day Space Workshop has been created for KS1 and above; it includes drop-in workshops, classroom activities and science demos. Additional teacher-led activities can be included to consolidate learning objectives.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rarity of the lunar samples, this workshop is only available by pre-arrangement at least three months in advance of your preferred booking date.

£600 for a Full Day (>6 hrs)

School boys with their comet in a how to cook a comet workshop

How to Cook a Comet

This Space Workshop kicks off with a talk about these elusive icy visitors and concludes with a chilly astro bake-off!

The introduction to How to Cook a Comet answers questions like “What is a comet?”, “Where do they come from?” and “When were they made?”. Then comes an ice cooking demo in a mobile cosmic kitchen. Using ingredients found in real comets, the demonstrator will make an icy scale model in front of the audience, who will then get the chance to make their own. Brrrrrrr! Finally, participants will be asked for their scientific observations… ‘what did their comet smell like?’, ‘was it making a noise?’, and ‘what did they see happening?’.

We supply all the ingredients, but need at least two weeks notice to order in the supplies. We’ll also bring along all the necessary safety equipment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Each session lasts about one hour and we’ll need another 15 minutes to clean up and prep for the next session (its messy!). It’ll work best in a science lab or classroom, with a projector or smart screen, water supply and deep sink. We can also run this as as a drop-in workshop for STEM events and science fairs.

£300 for a Half Day (>3 workshops)
£450 for a Full Day (>5 workshops)
£30 for a DIY pack

Ask an astronomer session

Ask an Astronomer

Ever wanted to find out about space, but didn’t know who to ask? Get the answers from the Creative Space astro geeks!

This Space Workshop is very informal… we’ll send in a space specialist, and you can pick their brains! Our astro geeks have a ridiculous amount of knowledge, boundless enthusiasm, and are at their best when in front of an audience keen to find out about the strange and complex themes of astronomy and space. Our space science communicators have years of experience in astro journalism, teaching astronomy at different levels, and delivering space lectures. Sessions last up to an hour and are suitable for all Key Stages.

The sessions work best if classes or groups are well prepared. It’s a good idea to get participants to spend an hour or so thinking about questions they’d like to ask. This can be done as a class activity or homework. Groups can focus on a specific subject (the Moon, space exploration, exoplanets, etc.), or have a free for all… asking the astronomer whatever comes to mind.

£30 per 30 min ONLINE SESSION
£50 per 60 min ONLINE SESSION
£75 per 60 min IN PERSON SESSION

Children launching rockets in a mini rocketeers workshop

Mini Rocketeers

This busy workshop for mini rocket scientists gets everyone hands-on and goes off with a fizz and a bang!

For schools, parties and special events, this hands-on (and feet-on!) Space Workshop is aimed at children studying at KS1 upwards.

We can run our Mini Rocketeers workshop as an immersive half day workshop or, if you have several classes or groups, we can run mini sessions over a half or full day. The longer the session, the more rockets we can make! We can make stomp rockets, film pot rockets, straw rockets, and atmosphere gliders. After building, the mini rocketeers will have fun launching their flying machines. And if they’re still in tact, they can take them home afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE: Building the rockets can take place indoors – in a classroom, hall, or at the dining table. The mini rockets can be launched indoors too… the more height the better. But for high flyers (like our Stomp Rockets) an outside launch pad with lots of space is best.

£200 for a Half Day (>3 workshops)
for a Full Day (>5 workshops)
for a DIY pack

Screenshot from the digital cosmos workshop

Digital Cosmos

Put the cosmos at your fingertips with this space-inspired digital workshop.

Suited to Upper KS2 and above this Space Workshop develops IT skills, numeracy, literacy and creativity. We can run this as an immersive 2½ hour, half day workshop or, if you have several classes or groups, we can run mini sessions over a half or full day.  Depending on numbers and time, you can pick and choose from the following activities:

MESSIER TOUR Participants learn to use a planetarium app whilst also learning about deep sky objects. Works best in an IT suite, but works just as well on laptops or iPads.

SOLAR SYSTEM TOUR Similar to the Messier Tour, but focusing on planets, moons, dwarf planets and some other weird and wonderful things in the Solar System.

CITIZEN SCIENCE Using the internet, students take part in a Citizen Science project of their choice, contributing to real academic research. For this we use the Zooniverse platform, with its array of space-based projects.

VR SPACE A immersive experience, using VR headsets and virtual reality space apps. We’ll share a list of our favourites VR apps to download in advance and bring along 15 VR headsets.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ll supply one facilitator, but the workshop will run smoother if the school or host can supply a couple of extra helpers.

£200 for a Half Day (>3 workshops)
£300 for a Full Day (>5 workshops)
£30 for a DIY pack

A selection of fruit representing planets in the eat the solar system workshop

Eat the Solar System

This delicious workshop helps establish a sense of scale and distance, while finding out how planets move.

We use a selection of food – from watermelons to sugar balls – to illustrate the difference in size between the gas giants, rocky planets, and Small Solar System Objects.

Ideal for Early Years and KS1, our Eat the Solar System Workshop starts with a short intro talk, followed by simple questions about planets, moons, asteroids and comets; whoever gets the right answer gets to ‘be’ that planet or moon. Everyone gets to hold their little bit of space, from Mercury to Pluto. (This part of the workshop needs a big space to establish a sense of distance between the planets and their moons.) Once everyone’s in position, the venue then transforms into a human orrery! After all the spinning, everyone should have worked up an appetite, ready to Eat The Solar System! It’s now time to sit down, munch some fruit, and consolidate learning with a Q&A session.

PLEASE NOTE: Each workshop lasts about 45 minutes and works best with around 15 planet explorers (about half an average class size). We need an extra 15 minutes between sessions to tidy up and prep for the next workshop.

£200 for a Half Day (>3 workshops)
for a Full Day (>5 workshops)
for a DIY pack

  • Children getting hands-on with the Secret Writing drop-in workshop at the Space@TheStade electromagnetic spectrum event
  • Child getting hands-on with a spectroscope and spectral tubes
  • Visitor watching Moon formation demo
  • 1066 Event for East Sussex Astronomical Society
  • People using VR headsets at Space at The Stade, Hastings
  • Comet making at Horsham STEMfest
  • Year 5s making Mars landers at Castledown Primary School, Hastings
  • Year 5s making Mars landers at Castledown Primary School
  • Launching Stomp Rockets in the Mini Rocketeers Workshop
  • Solar viewing using a solar telescope
  • Telescopes at The Stade
  • Comet Workshop at Birling Gap Visitor Centre for the National Trust
  • Comet Workshop at St Catherine's Prep School, Bramley
  • Making comets at Birling Gap National Trust

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic workshop you did with our Year 5 classes on Monday. The children had the most amazing time and we were ourselves completely amazed by the whole event. The children have been talking about it all week which has been fantastic. Thanks once again – hopefully we can book you next year and get another year group to share the experience for the day!”

Abby Oliva, Wessex Primary School

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