A special planetarium show for Nursery, EYFS and SEN. Great for public shows too!

The very young and those with special educational needs require something a little different to our usual interactive shows. So we’ve added our Sensory Astronomy Show to fill the gap.

The show features an awesome film created by the Royal Observatory Greenwich showcasing the work of the best astro photographers around the world. Beautiful scenes of dancing aurorae, planets as strings of light across ethereal mountain ranges, and creative representations of stars and galaxies, are blended together creating a synergy of light and colour.

Still images compliment animation and gently moving scenes, together with an uplifting audio track. The movement, colour and gentle soundscape create an immersive experience with very little to challenge the audience, but plenty to hold the attention and stimulate the senses. 

Our Sensory Astronomy Show is hugely popular with people of all ages and is our go-to show for many of our public engagement events. For these shows, our presenters are on hand to give a full commentary, explaining the science behind the pictures in plain English, making it accessible to all.

The show can be of any length between 5 minutes and 30 minutes and participants can leave the dome at any point provided they are safe to do so. Visitors to the dome are welcome to lie down and to be totally immersed in this sensory experience.

The cost for a Sensory Astronomy Show is:
£250 for a half day (unlimited shows)
£400 for a full day (unlimited shows)

Travel & overnight stay
Travel is free within a 20 mile radius of Hastings, and charged at 45p per mile if you need us to travel further. And if the journey will take us over 2 hours, we may have to charge for an overnight stay which costs an extra £35. If our journey includes tolls and ferry charges, these will be added too.

Location & space
The travelling planetarium is for indoor use only and needs a floor space measuring 6 x 6 metres plus a height of 3.2 metres. The floor space needs to be clean and dry. Access to electricity is essential.

Once you’ve read and agreed to our Planetarium Guidelines, please use the Planetarium Booking Form to make your booking. If you need to talk through any aspects of your booking before filling out the form, call us on 01424 420968 or send us an email.

11 - Iridis

Astronomy Photographer Of The Year film

The planetarium at Hazelwood Nursery and Early Years Centre