hula patrol posterFrom the far reaches of outer space, from the bright orange planet Zula, comes the Zula Patrol! Based on the No.1-rated NBC Saturday Morning TV series The Zula Patrol, The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather is one of the top-performing digital dome shows of its genre.

The story: the stalwart heroes of the Zula Patrol are on an expedition collecting samples of weather for scientist Multo’s research. When the Zula gang inadvertently hurts their loyal pet Gorga’s feelings, he decides to leave Zula and find another planet to live on. Villain Dark Truder then tricks Gorga into helping with his latest nefarious scheme to rule the Universe. The Zula Patrollers find out and go after him – in the process learning all about weather, both terrestrial and interplanetary.

Currently in distribution to more than 60 theaters since its launch at Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, Under the Weather is designed for children ages 4-9 and their families. Like the TV series, it supports many national curriculum topics.

Category: Astronomy, Planetary science, Meteorology
Running time:
 24 mins
Released in: 2007
Suitable for: Foundation Stage/Early Years, KS1, Families