solar system crash course posterThis excellent mini film about the Solar System was created by Phil Plait, the ‘Bad Astronomer’.

The film gives bite-sized snippets of information about the Sun, planets, the asteroid and Kuiper belts and even puts little Pluto in its proper place. The science content is bang up to date, it even shows Pluto’s lovely white heart!

The film has enough of a ‘gee whiz’ factor to get people thinking and wanting to find out more.

Solar System Crash Course is a perfect intro to a presenter-led planetarium show which can take the audience on a real time tour of the night sky, visiting the Solar System planets on the way. We also use this film as part of our Solar System Experience Day.

Click below for a preview.

Category: Astronomy, Planetary science, Solar System
Running time:
 5 mins
Released in: 2015
Suitable for: KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5, Adults, Families