Principia PosterTim Peake’s Principia Mission to the International Space Station (ISS) was without doubt one of the most inspiring space events of 2016. This beautifully created planetarium film, produced by NSC Creative, has been developed to portray the many aspects of living in space.

British astronaut Tim has been such an amazing ambassador for school science and continues to enthuse audiences through this educational film. Visitors to the planetarium get to see some awesome visuals of the Earth from space, together with detailed images of the ISS, its modular structure, and orbital info.

We have an engaging version narrated by Tim Peake himself, together with a dialogue-free version which we can adapt and narrate for all ages. This film is an excellent addition to an Interactive Sky Tour for classes studying the Space topic, and can be shown in its entirety or as clips.

Category: Astronomy, Space Exploration, International Space Station, Tim Peake
Running time:
 10 mins
Released in: 2016
Suitable for: KS1 and above