Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2016 cover imageThe following text is from the Presenters Guide for this amazing planetarium show…

“2016 is the eighth year of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year, the competition that showcases the best celestial images taken from Planet Earth. The competition is organized by the Royal Observatory Greenwich with generous sponsorship from Insight Investment, and is run in association with BBC Sky at Night Magazine. This year’s competition has attracted the highest number of entries since it began. Over 4,500 awe-inspiring images have been submitted from 80 countries around the world – a 60% increase on last year. For the first time we have even received photographs from Antarctica, the only continent not to have featured until now.

Images like these are an invaluable tool with which to inspire a love of astronomy in others. Each year at the Royal Observatory Greenwich we create a short planetarium presentation to show off some of the winners and runners up from the competition (as well as some of our personal favourites) and each year we try and distribute that show as widely as we can so that these amazing pictures can be seen by as many people as possible.”

This show can be presented in its entirety, with or without commentary. We can also show clips lasting upwards from 5 minutes, creating an awesome sensory experience for all ages and abilities.

Category: Astronomy, Cosmology, Photography
Running time:
 25 mins
Released in: 2016
Suitable for: All Key Stages plus families and SEN