a way to infinity posterA short documentary for digital planetaria, about what is infinity and if the Universe is infinite. It is intended for older pupils and adult visitors.

Most animations in the movie were created in Povray language. Rendering was performed at the computational cluster of the Astronomical Institute of Charles University. Nevertheless, the film-makers also used different technologies: live snapshots using a DSLR camera with fisheye lens, aerial video from a drone equipped with 4K (UHD) camera, or generated by SCISS/Uniview simulator. Additionally, they utilized animations downloaded from the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

The soundscape uses unconventional jazz music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) and Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey (purple-planet.com), chosen to perfectly correspond to the topics discussed in the movie. Narration recordings were edited with help of Audacity program. A mix of narration and music was performed in Blender.

Category: Cosmology, Infinity, Mathematics
Running time:
14 mins
Released in: 2015
Suitable for:
 KS4, KS5, Adults

a way to infinity still