a glorious dawn posterA fuldome music video created by students a the 2011 Blender Production Workshop, Ott Planetarium, at Weber State University. It features music by Symphony of Science based on Carl Sagan’s epic TV series, Cosmos (with a little help from Stephen Hawking).

Samples include clips from Cosmos (1980) and Stephen Hawking’s Universe (1997). On 21st September 2009, Unruly Media, a viral video tracking service, began to chart the popularity of the video. At the end of the first week of October, the video had received 800,000 views and, by the end of the month, more than a million. By the end of 2010, the video had surpassed 5 million views.

The title takes its name from the chorus spoken by Carl Sagan, remixed from an episode of Cosmos.

Category: Astronomy, Cosmology, Music
Running time:
3.5 mins
Released in: 2011

Suitable for: KS2 and above, Adults, Music lovers