Booking FormThis talk will help answer some burning questions about our nearest and dearest star.


The Sun is part of our everyday lives. So much so that it’s easy to forget that it’s actually a star! You’ll be constantly reminded of this fact throughout this fascinating talk, which is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be adapted to suit each and every audience.

How did the Sun come to life? How long has it been bathing the Solar System with light and heat? How long will it last? These are just some of the questions that’ll be addressed. We’ll be discussing solar physics (how the Sun works), the Sun’s affect on the Solar System, how it compares with other stars, and much more.

We’ll also be looking at the dynamic differences within the outer layers of the Sun and how we can detect space weather. NASA and ESA are both in the process of developing solar probes that will ‘touch’ the Sun’s atmosphere, the talk wouldn’t be complete without giving these two daring missions a mention too.

The audience is encouraged to ask questions throughout the talk, or save them up for the end.

£75 for one hour (incl. Q&As)
We can bring all equipment needed, but can plug into your projection and audio system if you have one. 

Travel is charged at 45p per mile from our base in Hastings to your venue and back again. If the journey will take us over 2 hours we may have to charge for an overnight stay which costs an extra £45. If our journey includes tolls and ferry charges, these will be added too.

Lectures and talks can take place anywhere that can accommodate a projector and screen, plus enough chairs for the audience to sit comfortably (a classroom or village hall will do just fine).

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