In the last 60 years, robotic spacecraft, followed by humans, have ventured bravely into the Solar System. Discoveries have been made, challenges overcome and mysteries unveiled along the way.

Space is a very big place. As far as exploration goes, we’ve barely touched the surface. But in just over half a century we’ve sent probes to every planet in the Solar System, sent men to the Moon, put space labs and countless satellites into orbit, and even sent a spaceship into interstellar space.

Space Exploration is a fascinating talk, covering the history of space travel, some of the key early players, major achievements and future missions.

This engaging and visually stunning talk is suitable for just about everyone, from clubs and school groups, to astronomy events and science festivals. It lasts about an hour, followed by an optional question and answer session. To find out more, or to discuss availability, drop us an email or give us a ring on 01424 420968.

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