Our Solar System is full of wonders; this talk covers the familiar and unfamiliar, from planets and moons to trojans and centaurs!

We’re all familiar with the term “The Solar System”, but what exactly is it? What are its constituent parts and how was it created? These questions and many others are tackled in this scintillating talk which can be adapted to suit any age and level of knowledge.

Developed initially for schools and further developed for public engagement, this talk is ideal for introducing Space, kicking off a school Science Week, or for supporting stargazing events. It’s designed to be an interactive experience, with questions and enquiries welcome throughout the session.

All the major planets are covered, plus the Sun and some of the many moons within the Solar System, not forgetting asteroids, comets and dwarf planets too. The accompanying images are stunning and really bring this fascinating subject to life. 

If used as an assembly talk, it’s a really good idea to get students to think about questions beforehand, either as a classroom activity or homework.

The talk works best in a large hall, but could just as easily take place in a library or large classroom. We can supply a small screen and projector, but it works best if the images can be projected on a big screen, so a school projection system is ideal.

Up to one hour £50
Up to two hours £90 

Travel & overnight stay
Mileage is free within 20 miles of Hastings and is charged at 45p per mile if you need us to travel further. And if the journey is over 90 miles, we may have to charge for an overnight stay which costs an extra £35. If our journey includes tolls and ferry charges, these will be added too.

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