The Cassini-Huygens mission has returned some of the most sublime images of our time, discovered an alien world akin to Earth and found water vapour in the outer Solar System.

This thought-provoking talk is a celebration of Cassini’s epic journey to Saturn. The story starts with the mission launch in 1997, followed by orbit insertion at the end of 2004; it continues through to the Grand Finale in October 2017. The story is told with the help of vibrant graphics and sensational photographs captured by Cassini’s onboard cameras.

Ground-breaking science and discoveries about Saturn, its dazzling rings and intriguing moons are presented in everyday language, explaining relevant terms as they come up. 

Learn about Saturn’s moon, Titan – the second largest moon in the Solar System, and the only one with a substantial atmosphere and topography sculpted by liquid erosion. Find out about Enceladus, with its powerful geysers driven by a warm water ocean beneath its icy crust. These are just two of the more than 60 moons now known to orbit this planetary jewel, several being discovered by this awe-inspiring mission.

The talk lasts about an hour, followed by an optional question and answer session. To find out more about this lecture, or to discuss availability, drop us an email or give us a ring on 01424 420968.

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“Listening to the lecture, we sat open mouthed, taking in the initial images and carefully written script. The attention to detail was obvious, even to the complete novice. This was even more apparent when at the end of the presentation, and after what seemed like endless questions, an hour and a quarter had slipped by. Melanie was then good enough to remain on hand for further discussion and questions much to the delight of everyone.”

Len Lucas, Founder, Half Mooners Astronomical Society