The first humans are expected to travel to Mars in the mid 2030s. This talk is about the journey so far and explores some real and fictional stories concerning our planetary neighbour.

Mars has been the focus of over 50 missions during the last 55 years – some successful, some not so. Within a generation, we’ll see the first real Martians colonising the Red Planet.

This informal talk, suitable for anyone with an interest in space, takes a look back at the fiction-based myths and storytelling relating to Mars, and shows how old perceptions waned as space exploration pulled back the veil of mystery, slowly revealing the facts.

It discusses the early mission attempts and failures; the data and images from the first flybys; and the incredible scientific discoveries collected over the last decade from ambitious orbiters, landers and rovers. But central to this talk will be the very real plans to send humans to Mars. How will they survive? What will it be like? Will they be coming back? And will living there be anything like the scenes depicted in Andy Weir’s book, The Martian?

Whether for an astronomy group, a stargazing event or club night, this absorbing talk can be tailored for the audience’s level of knowledge. It lasts about an hour, followed by an optional question and answer session. To find out more, or to discuss availability, drop us an email or give us a ring on 01424 420968.

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