This educational talk discusses these enigmatic space objects and presents exciting new research and discoveries.

Comets are some of the oldest objects in the Solar System and have fascinated mankind forever. They have been studied using terrestrial telescopes, various space missions, and now by Rosetta  – an orbiter flying in unison with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

The talk opens with some basic facts: the definition of a comet, where they come from and when they formed. It goes on to discuss historical connections and a handful of well known comets in detail. It rounds off with news and discoveries from the few comets to have been visited by spacecraft including Temple-1, Siding Spring and, of course, 67P.

Originally written as part of our Comet Workshop, this talk is now being offered as a stand alone presentation. Check out the Comet Workshop page if you’d like the additional demonstration and ‘astro bake-off’ activity.

The talk lasts about an hour, followed by an optional question and answer session. To find out more, or to discuss availability, drop us an email or give us a ring on 01424 420968.

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