Date: Friday 20th March 2015
Time: 8.15 am – 11 am
Venue: Stade Hall, Hastings TN34 3FJ
Price: FREE

A FREE public engagement event celebrating the 2015 solar eclipse. On the morning of Friday 20th March, we’re offering a unique opportunity for local schools and the general public to experience a partial solar eclipse at the wonderful Stade Open Space and Stade Hall in historic Hastings Old Town. We’re hugely grateful to Hastings Borough Council for their support of this event, without which we couldn’t engage with you, the people.

Partial Solar EclipseAs it rises through the morning sky on Friday 20th March 2015 (fingers crossed for good weather) our specially adapted telescopes and binoculars will be tracking the Sun whilst being partially eclipsed by the Moon. This will be the last solar eclipse viewable from Northern Europe for over 10 years, so attempting to see even a partial one is well worth the effort. 

The eclipse will last for about two hours, starting at 8.25am, with the peak at 9.30am, and it’ll be all back to normal by 10.40am. There’ll also be live streaming, so if cloud stops play the eclipse goes on.

As well as observing this astronomical phenomenon through telescopes and binoculars, eclipse glasses and solar viewers, there’ll be practical activities making pinhole projectors and simple orreries. But the best way to view this amazing event will be through a Camera Obscura, very kindly on loan from Hastings Borough Council.

Throughout the experience there’ll be science talks in the Stade Hall unveiling complex terminology and explaining why a total eclipse is such a rarity; practical activities and demonstrations; plus a live feed to the total eclipse over the Norwegian Sea.

Never look directly at the Sun, as the intense radiation could damage your eyes.

“I loved your enthusiasm and knowledge, it was infectious.”

Vincent Pelling, Operational Lead Physicist for Non-Ionising Radiation, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals